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A Reunion of Champions

ReunionBefore Wednesday, January 17, 2024, it had been a decade since the 5-A North Shore Senior High School Boys Basketball Championship Team had celebrated their victory with a record of 35-3. As the team gathered for their reunion, it was clear that time had passed, but their bond was as strong as ever. Players Jordan Banks, Michael Capers, Jalin Hart, and Brandon Etienne all walked in with smiles on their faces, excited to see each other. Their coach, David Green, had pushed them to be their best, instilling a sense of teamwork and a belief in their abilities. Assistant coaches during their winning season, Willie Gaston, Reggie Wallace, and Michael Williams, also took part in the celebration as they shared their pride about the profound impact the team made. As the champions reminisced, they recalled how they had put in countless hours of hard work and dedication to achieve their goal. Looking back, they all agreed that the unity of the team made them unstoppable.